This brief tutorial will walk you through the app to help you make the best of it!


Requests: Pending Requests

In this screen, you'll be able to see any pending notifications. Each product. Variants will show up as individual entries.

If you click on any product, you can see all the product information as well as the email addresses that have signed up to be notified about this product or variant.

Requests: Notified requests

In this screen, you'll be able to see all products for which notifications have already been sent out, as well as the count of notifications.


Lists: All products

Here you can see all products that have ever received notification requests, regardless of whether notifications have been sent or not.

You can use this screen to disable notifications for any products or variants, so even if you add stock to these products, emails will not be sent out unless you re-enable the product or variant.

Once you disable a product, it will no longer show up in "All Products" and can now be found in "Disabled products."

Lists: Disabled products

Here you can view a list of all disabled products and re-enable them if needed.


This tab displays a graph of how many emails have been sent out per month.


You can create multiple email templates and select which one to send. Click edit to see a WSIWYG editor to change the email template however you see fit.

You can also change the header image, subject line, and background image.


Under Email Settings, you can change the sender name, sender email(as it will be displayed), and choose which email template to use.

Under UI settings, you can customize how the form appears on your product pages. The Email Box Label is the text that will display above the email box. You can also change the button text, the confirmation message, and add custom css to style the button the way you want.

Webhook settings and Script settings are always on by default and should be left this way. If the form is not displaying on your product pages, you can see if the "Script Installed" toggle is off and turn it back on to reinstall the code.

If emails are not going out as they should, you can check the Webhooks Status toggle and make sure that it's on.

You can always get in touch with us using the Contact Us tab and we'll reply within 24 hours.


The billing tab lets you manage your subscription. If you choose to uninstall the app, your payment profile will automatically be cancelled(Stripe only).

If you have signed up using PayPal, please get in touch with us and we can cancel your payment profile for you.